UK Greetings Research: Camille Walala

This is another artist I’ve been recommended by my tutor, due to her extremely effective use of shape and pattern. Similar to what I was looking at, at the start of this project she seems to be drawing out a specific element of a shape or mark and emphases it, sometimes even creating new visuals within a certain shape. Her use of colour also interested me, as she uses some of the same colours I’ve been experimenting with, however I couldn’t get them to work effectively together. She also uses white space very well, which is also a priority in my work, as I have a fair amount of it.

UK Greetings Research: Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes has such a large and varied portfolio of work, that it became significantly time consuming researching her and her style. That being said, after taking up the UK Greetings competition brief, her pattern based work inspired me a great deal. Because of her broad spectrum of pieces, it related to my own style of work in a way, as I was able to draw certain aspects and strengths in her work out to try and experiment with my own. I like the way she incorporates separate elements of design or illustration into pattern and repeat patterns, it relates closely with the greeting card styles i’m working on at the moment.

Personal Development Research: Florence Blanchard

I was first told about Florence Blanchard from my tutor, and I was immediately intrigued by her work. I really like the shapes she uses in her designs, with quite prominent blob like constitutions making up a lot of her visuals, yet they are coupled subtly with more geometric shapes, giving a strong balance of cohesion and variety. I want to try and use this balance effectively in my own work.