subculture essay



Are subcultures an endless evolving social construct?

Research and produce a piece of visual communication demonstrating why or why you don’t think subcultures are an endless social construct.

Subcultures have been a fundamental and recognisable part of society for the past half-century. Some have emerged and died out, some are still very much alive presently but a valid question is if and when they will all die.

Context Of Practice Brief and Ideas

Make Impractical Practical

 Make more practical clothes for members of sub-cultures.

Sub-cultures are undeniably recognised mainly through their aesthetic and style. More often than not these trends are the most standout things about them and the clothing they wear is assumed to reflect their personality and day-to-day life. What society may perceive as impractical or out of place is what people in these sub-cultures see as commonplace. Think about what feasibility and functionality the attire would have in the specific sub culture.

Collage Development: Defacing Identity

After watching the i-D short documentaries I found great intrigue in sub-cultures and identity. To explore social identity and sub-culture further I decided to see what would happen if I simply merged say a personality or identity with another. I found some interesting counterfeit identification cards in some magazines, each of which had a unique style in them; something that differentiated them from anyone else. Subverting this very cliché idea of being unique and an individual is what I set out to accomplish.