Poster development.

According to our groups job, we were supposed to design a zine, compiling various students work and presented within a cohesive way that reflected the style of the exhibition. At first we thought that just designing one zine would be fine, however after reviewing all the work that was going into the space, as well as the chosen layout (three parts to the exhibition/shopping experience, Dark Wit, Playful Encounters and Innocent Joy) it was decided with David in our tutorial to make a zine for each area. We were also wary of the cost behind our work for the exhibition, so we decided to use colour half tone as the imaging method, so we could print it as cheaply as possibly and then also double side each zine to have a poster of each area fold out as well.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 14.38.26.png



These are some initial designs our group came up with for the three poster sides of the zines. It was difficult to make suitable posters, as we only had so many photographs of peoples work as well as some peoples work working better on a digital display, rather than showing their photographed display etc. Furthermore, we needed to wait to add colour by learning what colour schemes were needed to work with each space. Other groups had this information, but were still working on it so trying to correlate our work with theirs was a difficult process.

These are some more designs that Ella came up with:

After showing these all to David in our tutorial he liked them, but thought that it would be more effective to use the images of peoples work as the posters, rather than designing one from scratch. We took this to use and we all had a go at making a simple and effective poster to demonstrate the atmosphere of each area.

I thought the the wood would be a a good reflection of playful encounters, and helped Danny to finalise our three chosen posters. We decided that half tone would be effective for the poster sides as well, as it presented an almost uniform, neutral sense allowing the three of them to work together well.


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