SHelf – Initial idea.

SHelf – from elf to shelf.

SHelf is a unique browsing experience, made to show you around the elves workshop and the wide array of Christmas decorations they’re making this year. Anyone looking for a change of pace during the busy Christmas shopping period can pop into SHelf, and stimulate their minds with some thought provoking, weird and wonderful decorations and how they’re processed through the workshop.

SHelf offers a rare insight into how hard the elves work to produce these gifts and decorations for the world.



Decorative piping research.

My group and I have come up with an idea for using metal piping as a primary visual and spacial usage technique for the space. This idea of a constant connection between various elements in the room, mixed with the rustic aesthetic they bring I think could work quite well with the work. I feel it brings about this sense of subversion to the space, correlating with how everybody’s work does to Christmas.

Spacial design.

To enhance this space we have to think about the best use of our space, and consider how everybody’s work fits in. I really like how the interior of Lacoste store are set out, with a very simple and linear sense of creative direction. The space is also very well utilised, with differing heights of display platforms, suggesting segregation of the products, without using up a lot of room. The stacking of the shelves also present a visually cohesive way to display products.

Lacoste store:

The adidas Originals store in London also has some interesting use of space, and I feel manages to capture that good pint between a retail environment, and a display environment. These different box frame display apparatus’s easily help to pack things in closely and still keep a clear differentiation of products.

adidas Originals store:




Visiting the Exhibition space in Bradford

Yesterday we visited the exhibition space where we’ll be displaying our work on the 8th of December. It’s an abandoned boots store in bradford on the ‘main’ shopping street. However, due to a new shopping center opening on the other side of town many of the streets shops have suffered closure, provoking a sense of danger and unsafety in the community. However, it is now under gentrification and our work on the space will hopefully some bring life to this almost abandoned street.

At the moment:

The vision:

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 13.35.17.png

The exhibition space:

Responsive Brief

Collaborating within a group of approx. 5 or 6 students, you will design an interactive display that will engage with the general public (shoppers) in Bradford City Centre.

You will have 3.5 weeks to design your display, prepare the space, locate or develop specific exhibition supports, and install it.

You will also be involved in promotion and marketing of the event to attract as many visitors as possible. The exhibition will take place in the Rebooted space on Bank Street (BD1 1PU). 8th – 10th of December.

Stage one

The theme is ‘a browsing experience’ – so think about shopping and the department store as a starting point. Visual merchandising should be a point of your research.

In your self organised groups. You will design the space/ layout and experience concept.
You need to do this and pitch your ideas to the year group and tutors next Tuesday at 1pm.