In todays tutorial Tom and I pretty much presented our definitive ideas and goals for this project, which is basically to create a fashion collective consisting of printed t shirts and a zine alongside. The key things we need to think about now are as follows:

  • Potentially creating more clothes such as jumpers (maybe even hats or scarfs) to reflect the time of year. However, this at the same time almost defeats the subversive element we were going for, as we wanted to create something that would not usually be related to christmas, yet still carries aspects of it to show the contrast.
  • We were also suggested to think about doing some postcards/christmas cards by Dave, as he thought our aesthetic fit the medium quite well. We hadn’t really thought about this before, but it still seems interesting to research into a bit.
  • Framing a few prints we’d done (not on fabric) also seemed to be  possible idea. Although we don’t think we will be handing in any particular prints, it’s still likely we will have a couple ready for the exhibition.
  • Making some posters was also an idea, and I think it ties in closely with how we want to style our zine.
  • We have come up with a brand name for this specific project, being: ‘St. Nik’. Now wee need to make the logo and print it onto the t shirts.
  • Risograph for printing?

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