Research – Kevin Corbett


I found Kevin Corbett’s work to resemble quite closely to my own idea for this project, in the light that it subverts, or shifts the sense of normaility. For example, his latest work appears to be studying fetishism, specifically the foot fetish and how such a seemingly normal/dismissive thing can be the object of such strong sensuality. I’d like to draw from this idea to my own work, and try to make pieces of visual communication which highlight what is usually dismissed.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 15.59.24.png



I wanted to try and mirror Kevin’s humorous take on any situation or subject matter he’s presented with. With his recent fetish work, an obvious sense of comedy is apparent throughout, either by creating irregularity where things should be solid and serious or completely parodying a strange or niche subject. With our project being based around Christmas, I decided to do just that and create something creepy to subvert this idea of warmth and happiness at the time of year.

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