I found the first part of this module very true to its intentions, in the light that I learnt a great deal. The photography workshops were extremely helpful in showing me how to format, choose a lens and choose/make a great environment of photographing. One highlight was playing around with depth of field in my shots, where I started by experimenting with the aperture to see how deep I could get and moving onto how different lenses affected depth of field, one example being my time using a telephoto lens. It was a really enlightening experience using a telephoto, as I was opened up to taking wildlife and distanced photography and all the other possibilities that come along with it. I’m also quite confident with studio photography now, using reflective boards, and hand held flash devices (to achieve some interesting long exposure results). However I did have some trouble co-ordinating shutter speed with aperture and lighting, more so with the street/outdoor shots. Although it was difficult I took my time, found out what settings I needed and took the shots I could. I also took a look at metalwork/jewellery in this module, as I’m interested in doing jewellery related projected in the future. I looked at what objects had been made into jewellery, and decided to have small go at it myself. I took a teaspoon and had a go at bending it into a circular shape, with a bracelet in mind. It was a lot tougher to bend than id thought, as using an anvil and metal bender can only do so much. However I learnt where to bend and how much I should bend on an object, which I will most likely be working with in the future. Overall I found this first part of the module very helpful to my practice and technique, teaching me more about photography in three weeks than I’d had in my life, and the metalwork experimentation was also a great taster as to what I can work on in the future.

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