Bending Metal

Today I had an induction/refresh to the metalworking room, and we should have had a small induction to jewellery making as well. However, because the main jewellery tutor is away at the moment, we were just given a tour and some useful information on metalworking. Despite this, I was still very attracted to the idea of making jewellery at some point. Because of this I’ve decided to start a side project (that may or may not blend into a module project at some point), of creating a jewellery set out of a set of silverware cutlery. Today I had a huge look around leeds antique and vintage shops to find a nice set, but was unable to find any. Fortunately a family member had some spare pieces, and so I will be getting them sometime in the month. For now though I’ve been experimenting with bending and moulding some other objects. I used the metal bending machine and hammering anvil to bend a spoon from home. I found it hard to keep and even curve throughout, but found that only hitting a small area at the thick points made it more precise. Of course this is only a play and test with the resources, but I’ve gathered some useful knowledge on how to bend metals.

I hope to photograph the finished pieces in a fashion shoot style.

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