First Tutorial

I had my first tutorial of year 2 with my tutor, David today and brought away some helpful tasks to get me into my visual Literacy module.

Firstly, after trying to figure out where I was with photography it was suggested that I take some pictures to prove that I can photograph substantially. To try something new, it was decided I should try and take a wildlife photograph with a telephoto lens, as I have not used one before, and have not done much wildlife photography at that. Along with this I just needed to be taking photos as much as I could, regardless of technical skill, i.e. take some stock photos. I’ve already taken a few since my tutorial, and will continue to take more as I blog. Lastly it was suggested that I familiarise myself with depth of field better, as it seems that looking through my photographs prior, keeping the background in a solid focus was a problem I was having.

I’m going to use these tasks not as a tick off list, but rather keep all the things I need to do to improve a constant assignment, which will help mark my progress.

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