Learning how to control depth of field.

Because I’d been having some recent trouble controlling depth of field on shots I tasked myself to inform myself with the technical use of the camera. I started by researching how controlling aperture, ISO and shutter speed. I found that if by taking my time and adjusting the aperture to take a more widely focused shot, it could be done.

My tutor suggested that I use ver simple subject matter, in a sense to prove how well I can take a photograph regardless. The images demonstrate the use of aperture to control the depth of field.

“Start at the widest maximum aperture that your lens allows (a small f-stop such as f/3.5) then press and hold down the DOF preview button. Then, close down the aperture by increasing the f-stop in increments such as f/5.6, f/8 and f/11, pressing the button in between each to see what the effect looks like.”


I also loaned a book from the library to inform myself more preficiently on what the DSLR has to offer. As I was already looking at depth of field and aperture, Imainly based my reading around that.


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