I feel that my self-directed project was a success in what I was personally hoping to achieve. Being such a personal topic (nostalgia), I found my self working and researching at a comfortable pace, as I sort of knew what I wanted out of it from the moment I had my idea. Admittedly I had a difficult start, where I’d filmed a great deal of footage on my old tape camcorder, with hopes of turning it into a projection mapping. However, this turned very difficult in the sense that I was not personally sure on what I wanted the piece to look like, and furthermore that it would be quite an unconventional projection mapping, as I’d previously planned it to be based on Rome architecture and history. Although I did achieve this in my footage, I spent a good amount of time trying to convert the footage into a digital format, where I could edit etc. to no avail. I decided that this was not really the path I wanted my self-directed project to go in, as I wanted a respectable and comfortable piece to exhibit. It was because of this I turned to still life photography of childhood nostalgic items, as I thought this would be the most literal and effective way to document my themes in my work. I had several photo shoots, where I’d bought a photography backdrop (which I will most likely be using in the future anyway) and then finally a couple of studio shoots in which I achieved my final compositional images. When I had my first idea for the subject of nostalgia I made a broad survey documenting what people of all ages found nostalgic. I received some broad yet refined in results (in a physical sense), which was great for me to get experimenting with. I used collage, illustration, photography and even mixing them all together until I came to the conclusion that still life photography would be the best documentation. I wanted to create a classic still life series, i.e. taking elements such as a single light source, and experimenting with colour, composition and different platforms for the items. I feel that I achieved what I wanted in the end, and the images I chose to exhibit worked well together. Overall I am pleased with the outcome of this project, however disrupted my research may have come through my changing ideas and indecisiveness, and I hope to pursue further photographic projects in the future.

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