Initial Photoshoot.

I was finally able to obtain a photography backdrop, and so got to work setting it up and taking as many photo’s of my nostalgic items as possible. The images above are my favourite picks from my shoots. Each photo has been taken around the same time frame, being between 17.00 and 18.30 in the evening, giving the most effective lighting (I feel) which enhances my objects. Also, after researching into classic still life it was apparent that because finding an effective light source years ago was difficult, artists would set their objects up near a window, which gives a very apparent directional light. Although I wanted to mirror the classic feeling of still life as closely as possible, it is apparent that a number of these images are not lighted enough to exhibit. Because of this I will most likely be using the curved backdrop photography studio, with directional lighting to obtain an almost flawless backdrop and visibility.

Overall I am pleased with most of my images compositionally, it’s just the backdrop and lighting that seems to be letting them down at this point. I feel that to properly highlight my items and their importance I need to bring them to the first point of focus, as in my crit. my classmates and tutor mentioned that they were more distracted by the creasing and lighting.


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