Experimenting with composition and subject matter.

I’ve been finding it difficult the past few days to come up with good enough subject matter and composition for my shots (literally the two main parts for still life photography). I am confident for when it comes to editing and printing but I seem to have hit a wall with my project at the moment. We have under two weeks to hand out final pieces in and I’m not too sure at the moment what they will be. So I have been experimenting as much as I can with how these images should be set out.

I’ve come to the conclusion that images facing head on at the items are the most successful, as it’s not supposed to be an observation shot rather than needing to be a portrait, almost hyperreal with a vivid yet vague tone. I’ve researched a few artists who do this, but I still can’t seem to mirror their style.

I’ve also been playing around with the idea of irregularity in the shot, which is quite a prominent theme of my project anyway. I did this by taking a shot of an old mug, and two tattered books, to leave no clear indication the time period of this scene. However, just by adding a coloured felt tip pen into the mug, the image seems a great deal more cluttered, and understandably shot recently due to presence of a single item.

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