Significant points of the 21st century opening decade:

The 2000s are almost one huge nostalgic run to me which seemed to take forever, though have been over for 6 years now. It’s important to me because it was right at the start of the 2000s where I became self aware in age and mind, and it’s around the 2008/9 area where events don’t seem to feel nostalgic to me after that point. These are the main events that took place over that period of time:

2000 — The world celebrates the turn of the millenium | The Pyrenean Ibex goes extinct | The dot-com bubble bursts | Vladimir Putin is elected president of Russia | Euro 2000 is hosted by Belgium and the Netherlands | Concorde crashes in France, killing 113 | Personal home computers break the 1GHz barrier | Sydney hosts the Olympic Games  

2001 — Wikipedia is launched | George Bush is sworn in as the 43rd President of the USA | Space station Mir is deorbited | The world’s first space tourist | A devastating terrorist attack leaves 3,000 dead in America | Apple launches the iPod  

2002 — The Euro enters circulation | Apple introduces the iMac G4 | The world’s first cyborg | The dwarf planet Quaoar is discovered | The deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia  

2003 — Space Shuttle Columbia disaster | The invasion of Iraq | The Human Genome Project is completed | Record heatwaves kill tens of thousands in Europe | MySpace is launched | China launches its first manned space mission  

2004 — The emergence of Web 2.0 | Graphene is isolated | The first recorded hurricane in the South Atlantic | George W. Bush is re-elected | Athens hosts the Olympic Games | Train bombings in Madrid kill nearly 200 people | Hubble Ultra Deep Field | Mars Exploration Rovers | The first privately funded human spaceflight | Facebook is launched | World’s first 1 gigabyte SD card | London’s skyline gets a new landmark | Asia gets a new tallest building | Indian Ocean earthquake leaves a quarter of a million dead  

2005 — Huygens probe reveals images of Titan’s surface | YouTube is launched | The Deep Impact probe collides its impactor with comet 9P/Tempel | USB flash drives replace floppy disks | Suicide bombers in London kill 56 people, injure 700 others | Hurricane Katrina floods New Orleans | Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany  

2006 — Crude oil production is reaching a plateau | Twitter is launched | Pluto is demoted to “dwarf planet” status | North Korea conducts its first nuclear test | The West African black rhino is declared extinct | Saddam Hussein is executed  

2007 — Global economic downturn | Nicolas Sarkozy is elected President of the French Republic | Brown succeeds Blair as Prime Minister of Great Britain | Apple debuts the iPhone | Multiple suicide bombings kill 796 people in Kahtaniya, northern Iraq | Arctic sea ice hits a record low | Amazon releases the Kindle | Google Street View is launched | Benazir Bhutto is assassinated in Pakistan  

2008 — Dmitry Medvedev is elected president of Russia | Cyclone Nargis devastates Burma | Oil prices hit a record high | The Internet continues to boom | Scientists extract images directly from the brain | Breakthrough in facial CGI | Beijing hosts the Olympic games

 2009 — Barack Obama is sworn in as 44th president of the USA | Major breakthrough in cancer research | The mouse genome is fully sequenced | Scientists engineer new plastics without the use of fossil fuels | Water is discovered on the Moon | Kepler searches for Earth-like planets | Discovery of the first exoplanet that could hold liquid water | Mercury is 98% mapped | Mind control headsets enter the video games market | 3D scanning enters the consumer market | The tallest man-made structure in history is completed | Africa’s population reaches one billion

The next step is to find/construct objects or matter that reflect some of the most significant moments to me ready to photograph and study.

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