Richard Avedon and what I’d like out of my photographs:


Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer, whose work helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century” – New York Times.

Although a widely known and ‘go-to’ artist in relation to any for of portrait photography, I still can’t help but fell the need to label his effective elements, and how they would work well with my own work. Firstly, the almost idillic, ‘painted’ nature of his more popular portraits are have every element in their nature of what I’m striving for. Ideally my final piece would be perfectly meticulous, renaissance type painting of my modern subject matter, but Avedon’s photography is the best thing next to it in a different medium. The beauty that encrypted into his photographs are also what I’m after, portraying people who on first inspection seem flawless because of the nature of the image, but on closer inspection imperfections craftily hidden seem to seep through. However, this is not entirely tied in with my own work, due to the fact that the objects I’m trying to photograph are supposed to be obviously out of place, and strange in the medium they’re taken. I’m looking for a jarring juxtaposition rather than a subtle one.


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