What is nostalgic to you?

Researching into my topic of nostalgia, I thought the best way to construct a piece that would be more eye catching universally, would be to gather various points of nostalgia. Although this only a small amount at the moment, and hardly enough to draw a conclusive medium, it’s clear that most people are more evoked my vague ideas, and not a very specific thing. For example, Daniela talked of coastal/waterside areas conjuring this nostalgic feeling. I think this vague idea reinforces the fact that these people I’ve asked are more or less the same age as me so the earliest nostalgic feelings that come to them are most likely when they were very young. This tells me that I need to ask people in older age groups the same thing to see if I have any differing answers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 19.26.10.png

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