Mad Mapper/Cinema 4D Induction


For my self directed project, I had vague ideas of projection mapping a video to do with nostalgia glitch art. Mad Mapper is the main program used for projection mapping, as is surprisingly easy to navigate. The program gives you your area of which you can work in, which you can change quite freely to whatever shape you like, followed by of course your projection. Because we had only a few people in this induction, Matt was able to show us some more creative/developmental processes on Cinema 4D, and briefly touching upon After Effects. There is a lot components that make a successful projection map, which does make it seem complicated, and given the fact that I only have about 3 and a half weeks left to make my final piece it may be slightly ambitious to develop a fully fleshed video with all of these elements. Nonetheless I will be experimenting with these programs to see what kind of results I can achieve, which will hopefully allow me to understand what it is I really want to have as a finished product.

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