Bramley Baths – Stay and Play


Young children and parents


2 – 5 minutes


In this short video we will introduce Bramley Baths and what activities they run for children and families during the week and during the holidays. We will show the variety of activities, conduct interviews with parents and how it helps the community and benefits the children. Our main goal is to make it fun and exiting, we want to show the children having fun and we want to know why they like it. It will include a variety of shots, most of these will be very active for example jumping, running, swimming and dancing. The aim of this promotional video is to influence the viewer, we want them to watch it and think ‘wow that looks really fun’. It will be energetic, exiting and informative, as we will conduct interviews with the leaders of the activities. The video itself will probably be around 3 minutes, we don’t want it to be too short as we wont get all the information we need but we also don’t want it to be too long so the viewers don’t lose interest.

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