I felt that my experience on our send and receive project was quite difficult and nerve wracking at times, but nonetheless with a satisfying outcome. Filming at Bramley Baths was a simple enough experience, with no major hindrances. It did however feel slightly strange coming in and filming the people in their daily activities for both sides, as we were the first group to go and film at Bramley Baths. Although this set us at ease at the same time due to the realisation that this was something new for both them and us. I feel a lot more confident using a 5D camera than I did during the first induction, and would be interested in taking one out again for my own purposes, as I think I would like to explore film more in the future. However, it did become difficult when it came to collecting our clips and editing. Because we had our filming days so soon after the briefing we rather erratically decided we would film as much as we could in the time we were given to give us the best choice for when it came to editing. This proved more of a problem when we came to sorting out clips, as we had so much to go through we missed out on that extra editing time we thought we would have. Granted after our clip organisation our team communication could have been better, we did end up editing rather later on and therefore didn’t have a solid narrative by the time Easter came. This was a problem, as Thea and I live quite far away from Leeds, and both of us were unable to acquire a hard drive due to them running out. This made Easter break unproductive in terms of Send and Receive, yet thankfully Hope had some great attempts some edits for us to work with when we returned. Although we had a lot to do at this point most of us were working straight until the deadline and managed to come out with a decent quality promotional documentary for Bramley Baths. Although one of our main problems was having all team members in contact and organisation, it was actually a lot more productive to have only about two people editing at a time, I found. This made me realise that job and time management is beyond vital in projects such as these, and nothing can be done productively without some sort of plan. However, at the final stages we all put in a great deal of effort, and worked through various editing problems together and found solid, sensible solutions to them. Overall I didn’t really find myself invested greatly in the project due to the fact that it wasn’t a subject matter I was very invested in. However, I understand real life situations like these will be prominent in the future, and if I’d like to explore film further these are the sorts of things I need to think about and make work to the best of my ability.

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