Interview Questions/Details

Whilst reviewing the interview footage with David, we came to the conclusion that we needed a solid narrative for the film which would have to be created based around the interview answers we obtained. However, after bringing our footage to the computer, we quickly realised that our audio was not a crisp as we had first imagined. In points of some of the interviews some words were ineligible, and so we were suggested to use subtitles or go back and film.

Jenny interview
What favourite thing about working at Bramley baths
Involves community lots of activities diversity
What makes it unique?
Do things like the mermaids, cinema, open to lots of ideas
What love about job?
The people everyone knows everyone community atmosphere
Do thing it’s good to get kids out?
Good to get kids out and of their IPhone and things get them in the pool let kids be kids
Why do you like working with kids? Motivation
Energy enthusiasm for me it’s good for them to just come and have fun and let them play
Their energy keeps you going

Dad and kids interview
Kid has swimming lessons here
If not here probably just at home making something
This is a lot more family based. Nice atmosphere could throw stuff really relaxed good to spend time with family could play with other kids everyone was nice playing
Slugs have 3000 teeth and 4 noses and hippos are more dangerous than lions

Mermaid interview
Not really come here
Going to do it every Wednesday
Did mermaid swimming got to see other people
Bubble kisses
Mermaid name Arial
Me and mum have been looking for somewhere I love swimming

Mum and daughter interview
Got a leaflet from school because it said mermaids we signed up because she’s got a tail
Close by community based nearby
Probably watching tell or on iPad good to get out and exercise together
Messing about trying to do different moves
Couldn’t stand up
Exercise getting her away from iPad not too expensive
Can come and join in
I like to come to Bramley baths because you can put on your mermaid tails and do dances and meet other people
Likes to sing and dance at home do your own thing

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