Final Editing Touches and Upload

Hope, Sam, Thea and myself met today to touch up on the filming and agree on a final look before we uploaded.

We added the names of the Interviewees, neatened up the subtitles and toned down some of the audio to avoid reverb when screening next monday. We also realised we had to loop our music again to fit in and sync with some of the shots which wasn’t too much hassle. Sam then went on to do some colour correction on some of the clips to give a fresh vibrant outcome. Fortunately we were quite lucky on the lighting side of footage, and managed to get mostly nice looking shots.

One last problem we did have however was where to place the titles of the interviewees on screen. Upon our research we came across various ways of doing this, and there wasn’t really any one rule to do it either, according to the BBC Guidelines. However, we felt it looked the smartest just above the subtitles on the bottom left hand of the screen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 02.45.28.png


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