Premiere Editing Help/Workshop and Easter Break difficulties.

The premiere workshops were very helpful in showing us the basics of editing, ready for when we came to our documentaries.

Now we have got all of our footage, we attempted to put together a rough version of the documentary, and try to create a narratives of sorts. We came out with a fairly decent idea of how we wanted the video to go but realises at this point, finalising the video would be difficult on our timeframe. We are going to Rome as a Vis-Com trip in a few days, by the end of which we will have broken up for Easter. Due to my group and I travelling home for the break it seems that it will be difficult to keep updated with the work and who’s doing what. We attempted to take out another hard drive from Vis-Com for Thea and I to take home over the break, as we live relatively near eachother. However, there were none left. We are going to try and sort it out after we return from Rome.



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