Filming at Bramley Baths

Because we had only one day to film we had to make every moment count and get as many opportunities as we could. After e-mailing Bramley Baths it was suggested that on the first day we should arrive early enough to set up our equipment, familiarise ourselves with building and take any shots that would be best with not a lot of people around (such as establishing shots of the pool etc.) We arrived at 9.30 to do this, which gave us a nice chunk of time to deal with, due to the first session starting at 12.3o. This was also a good time for all of us to experiment with the camera, lighting and effects etc. before we did any vital filming.

Once the stay and play begun, we filmed as much as we could from as many angles as possible. Sam and molly took to the main filming at this point, whilst Hope, Thea and I too turns with the camera, sound, and documenting our project through taking photos.

When the pool session was underway, Sam and Molly took to filming and sound around the pool, whilst Hope Thea and I had the secondary 5D camera and took various shots from the balcony. This was quite problematic at points, due to Sam and Molly regularly walking into our shots and vice versa. This was the problem in filming a singular point of interest with a decent sized group of people. However we managed to get some really great shots in the end.

I felt that our second day went extremely well, due to us being able to obtain a 7D and 5D camera to film with, which certainly kept us busy. However, Molly was unfortunately unable to attend due to other arrangements, which left us with a little less manpower, but nonetheless didn’t hinder too much. The rest of the day seemed to go great due to i feel the teamwork. Everyone was able to use a different piece of equipment and we all had a go at getting footage in our own way. We interviewed a man and his sons at the Pirate Swim session, in which we got some great dialogue and feedback, as well as a double camera angle of the interview, which I feel looked smart. Hope had the chest tripod taking establishing shots of the interviewees and Sam was on the tripod filming a solid clip of them. I was manning the sound whilst Thea was interviewing.

After filming a great deal more, including the kids playing some indoor exercise games, an interview with Jennie and some more of the Baths in general I felt that we had more than enough good footage to be working with. Now to edit this into a 3-5 minute film was our next step.


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