I feel my narrative’s project went well with what I could make of it. I loved the idea of making a photo series book, however admittedly we did not have a lot of time to take the photos so I thought of something simple, but intriguing to a reader/viewer. I decided to use foods in my fridge that I actually liked, and presented them in a way that I’d find them unappetising; then taking the exact same format picture twenty times, on a hideously bland plate with a vapid, uninteresting background. To top this off I put the quite uninviting word ‘grub’ on the front cover, on the same plate. The intentionally bland subject matter is what I feel makes my book intriguing, and with this strange oxymoronic approach toward making this book, I carried the idea over to my illustrated storybook. Under a heavy influence of David Shrigley’s work, I decided to make my illustrations exceptionally terrible, but with a tenacious connection to how I interpreted the feel of the story. The story ‘Old Sultan’ to me felt two-dimensional and hard to imagine (as, admittedly it is with nearly the entire ‘Grimms’ Fairy Tails’ collection), and so without sort of constructing a certain take on it, I decided to straight up illustrate exactly how I thought of the characters on first reading about them, and strangely but surely it correlated well (or terribly, however you’d like to think about it). Artist and format research was somewhat challenging at first, due to my book having an intentional unappealing aesthetic. However, after getting my head around Shrigley’s approach, more artists fell in to place, and I found that I could also research what not to do (which was especially easy with my approach). Overall I had a fun, experimentative time with this project, and if there was more time I would definitely have liked to have a better go at the Photo book.

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