Illustrated Story Book: Experimental Book Binding

These pictures document my book binding process, (or how not to book bind). I decided to use the other side of the book rim material, which is obviously not supposed to be on show. What’s more I took the edge of the material, right to the end where the stitching starts to fray, as well sticking excess strips back on, in an ironically linear fashion. I also made a point to keep some of the cropping marks, automatically printed as a guide by inDesign almost in an effort to highlight it’s original state.

Here’s a more typically arranged bound book:

My primary aim in my illustrated story book project is to create a difficult and almost how ‘not’ to create an appealing, conventional storybook. However, I’ve still made the book accessible and manageable to a pretty much universal audience, to an extent. I feel I have managed to construct more of an art piece than a story book.


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