Interesting Illustrators

Gray Jolliffe

Wiggly lines, big noses, big round eyes and no ears are some of the key things you’ll notice in Gray Jolliffe’s style of drawing/cartooning. He has a keen ability to express emotions through facial expressions and although he doesn’t always use direct speech bubbles, there’s never any ambiguity about who is doing the talking. I’ve tried to mirror this text style with my own book, by placing speech in correct correlation to my characters. However, to contrast this ease of knowing who’s talking I’ll be making my speech almost ineligible through warping font and letters.

Sebastian Iwohn

Iwohn’s style certainly varies throughout his work, however I feel his main stylistic approach, is simplicity. However small it may be it still always seems to be a main focal point to his work.  Although I will be taking a much simpler route in my illustrations for the effect I’m looking for, I’ve definitely picked up a hint or two through his works influences.

Helen Lang

Everything Helen Lang works on, is approached by hand in the first instance, which lends a warmth and definitely gives a unique, personal quality to her style. Furthermore, the vibrancy, colour, fluidity and quirkiness in her work is what makes it so attractive. I feel I’m working on the same sorts of lines as Lang, but deteriorating the positive outcomes her work produces as if to give it a deliberate downgrade.

Robert Gallardo

Gallardo’s work clearly has a predominant focus on minimalism of pop culture icons, working on the edge of basic and eligible to what they are. I’ve adopted elements of this style in my illustrated story book, more toward the sense of simplicity than making an icon. Admittedly, although Gallardo’s work is focused much heavier on graphic themes, and seems neat and easy to read. He’s even made clothing and accessories with these pop culture icons on them and due to the minimalistic nature of his work, copyright should rarely, if not, be an issue at all.

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