John Paul Early

‘John adapts his style to suit the project – from kids books to political cartoons and more graphic work. A lot of his images are colourful, with simple line work. He loves the clarity of a strong black line, used in an expressive but considered way.’

John Paul’s illustration’s take an approach of being suitable and attractive to children, of which I feel is done as well as it could be. The simplistic line work is cohesively juxtaposed with a surprising attention to main details in some illustrations, almost portraying an imperfection intentionally and in some cases amplifying it. This ‘intentional imperfection’ is what I’m trying to achieve with my illustrations also, so he has become a good reference. Furthermore, I’ve also slightly pulled John’s idea of text, in the sense of it being very impractical to read. The slight change in (bland, clear) colours between the text and background, as well as the twisting and turning of it over his other images make its legibility hard on first glance. By pulling this and adapting it to my books aesthetic, I’ve decided to distort certain words, letters and symbols, and use an unconventional font to really subvert and mix the impressions.


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