Visual Exploration Final Pieces

My final pieces are made to display fragments of speech heard around the city, reflected by the fragments of buildings integrated into the images (i.e. where the speech was heard  and where they person might mean in their conversation).

ive got bad friends

I was walking past the long bus shelter near the corn exchange in Leeds, and noticed three teenage girls just loitering around in there. One of them wouldn’t stop talking about how much she hated and couldn’t trust her best friend, whilst clearly making it awkward for the girls she was with. I thought about my position at the time of this encounter, and reflected this in terms of the collage composition: a long but clear line of sight down a bus shelter where these girls obviously had no idea of what I’d been hearing them talk about.

guns and blankets

Whilst I was out on a photo shoot I was walking along near the industrial district when I saw a father and his young son. I hadn’t thought about taking fragments of conversation at this point but I caught the conversation of the child talking about being a shop-keeper and wanting to sell guns and blankets. This immensely oxymoronic statement from a child was both amusing and insightful to what was going on in his head.

stop snitching audio murderer

Upcoming emcee ‘RICHIE ROOTS’ stopped me to ask if I’d buy his mixtape off of him whilst walking through the city centre. I asked him what his two best tracks were on the tape and he answered, ‘Stop Snitching and Audio Murderer’.

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