Ceramics Workshop

Our main objective of the day was to construct a clay mug, ready to be eventually glazed in the kiln. We rolled our choice of clay flat, and cut out the length of which we’d like our mug to be. Following this we were to roll the shape around a sized tube of our choice, add a base and handle(s) and touch up to fill in any cracks or imperfections.


Following this was a 2 week wait until our next session, where would glaze in preparation for the kiln. If we wanted to use our mug we would have to use a food safe glaze o cover the inside, as it would seal any cracks and create a more comfortable surface. The same would go for the outside of the mug, however being only for decoration we could choose any coloured glaze we liked.

We had to be careful not to allow any glaze to be on the base of our mug, as doing so would cause it to stick to the kiln base in the glazing process. I am currently awaiting to collect my mug once it’s finished.


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