Statement of Intent

I chose Visual Communication to enhance my current skills, and in hope to help me achieve/find what creative path I want pursue in the future. I felt I was too erratic in my creative interests to apply straight for a job after secondary education, and so decided to narrow it down by doing a foundation course. This led me to Visual Communication, due to its broad range of projects and opportunities. My main weakness is probably my presentation and cohesion in my work, most notably when assembling a portfolio in the right order, and having the work play off one another. I suppose this points toward the idea that I maybe I haven’t entirely found my own style or technique to define my work as of yet, but hope to find this throughout this course. Strengths that come to mind for myself are most probably: concept and projection, of a single project. I feel I can heavily characterise a specific piece of work and work off of the brief well. However, my weakness being almost a sense of consistency throughout my work is what worries me for future clients, looking at my work and deciding whether or not I am a reliable practitioner to invest in. Although this may take time to develop and overcome, I definitely feel it is almost quite a simple way to overcome; by which I mean being able to pick out these areas which my work is clearly lacking quality, and focus my energy on that or even carry over strengths on my stronger pieces of work to integrate into these. In terms of my area, as I have briefly mentioned, I hope that this course defines that area for me as I don’t have a solid grasp on what I’d like to go into at the moment. However, what particularly interested me on this course were the digital video aspects, particularly the filmmaking. I hope I can explore this to a much higher extent throughout the duration of Visual Communication.

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