How we judge – Research

Nick Thacker: Why You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover.


‘Why You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover…


…Because everyone else does.

We’ve all heard the proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover,” meaning that we shouldn’t let first appearances become our judgement.

The saying, of course, applies to much more than just books, but as this is a blog that focuses only on books, I’m taking issue with the literal meaning of the old adage.

People judge books by their covers.

It’s the truth; it’s just the way it is.’

I found this article on, and it has to be the closest article to my own views I have come across. He brings across the point that it’s a truth; it could be an ugly truth or a guilty truth, but nothing changes that from what it is. Society can’t move on without judging, which is why I feel appearance is so incredibly important in contemporary society.

i-D: A History of British Style Tribes

‘Style has long been an obsession, a compulsion, a religion for the youth of Britain. Every generation provides its own sartorial tribes who find excitement and empowerment through new looks and different beats… a Britain has defiantly rejected the culture it has been offered to create something of its own.’

Whilst watching this series of i-D documentaries I was gradually informed of how segregated these different youth sub-cultures are. Despite being aware of a few of them, I was completely oblivious to such others, of which I don’t think I would have noticed anyone a part of it unless I was looking on the streets from now. It’s also quite interesting to think how people from one group may judge another and so on with others. Furthermore, whilst watching I found myself judging every single one of them in some way shape or form, considering myself an outsider to all this. However, to someone else’s eye would I appear to fit into one of these ‘tribes’? I feel these documentaries inform us the reason why an individual would be dressed or have some unique appearance is to show their reasoning or life behind that ‘look’. What one may judge by their appearance is either being debunked or confirmed by these informative documentaries.


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